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Current Affairs

Daily GK Update - 25th Feb 2016

1. India linked seven Agreements Including of Indian Grant of 250 million dollars with – Nepal.

2. Which Team won 2016 Hockey Indian League – Punjab Warriors defeated Kalinga Lancers.

3. Rurban Mission in Chattisgarh was launched by – Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

4. Who scored fastest Test century in Just 54 Balls recently – Brendon McCullam (New Zealand)

5. Who has been appointed as the New Chairman of National Human Right Commission – Justice H.L. Dattu.

6. Who has been appointed as the New Chief Justice of Orissa High Court – Justice Vineet Saran.

7. Which Country remains World’s largest Arms Importer – India Followed by China and Australia.

8. The Term ‘E-Governance Vision 2020’ was stated by – Chief Election Commissioner Dr. Nasim Ahmed Zaidi.

9. Union Government has launched which app to keep Tourist places clean – ‘Swachh Paryatan’

10. Who has been appointed as the Police Commissioner in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia – Indian Origin Amar Singh.

11. Which State became the Sixth to Join Discom Revival Scheme UDAY – BIHAR.

12. Which Naval Exercise between India, South Africa and Brazil started in Goa – IBSAMAR 2016.

Daily GK Update - 24th Feb 2016

1. Which country has successfully launched the ASTRO-H space observation satellite – Japan.

2. Akbar Kakkattil, who passed away recently, was writer of which language – Malayalam.

3. Which state is also known as ‘The Land of Down lit mountains Arunachal Pradesh.

4. Utkarsha Bangla Scheme has been launched by the West Bengal Government, for what purpose – To train school dropouts.

5. First ‘New Silk Road’ Train from China has completed its trip in which city – Tehran (Iran).

6. The Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy has been established at which city – Vishakhapatnam.

7. Who is the Author of the book Law and Sports in India-Development, issues and challenges – Mukul Mudgal.

8. Who has been sworn in as the New Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh – Kalikho Pul.

9. Paani Foundation has announced to work with which state government to resolve water crisis in the state – Maharashtra.

10. Who has won a Gold Medal in long jump at the Asian Indore Athletics Championship 2016 – Mayookha Johny.

11. Who has won the 2016 President Election of Central African Republic – Faustin Archange Touadera.

12. Which state Government has launched the Pucca Ghar Yojna for construction Workers – Odisha.

Daily GK Update - 23rd Feb 2016

1. Which country has decided to sell nuclear capable F-16 fighter jet to Pakistan – United States.

2. U.K Sinha has been reappointed as the chairman of which organization – SEBI (Till March 1, 2017)

3. Which Countries finished with second and third positions respectively in medal tally at south Asian Games 2016 – Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

4. Which e-commerce company has launched ‘Tatkal’ Initiative for small and medium business – Amazon.

5. The 13th South Asian Games 2019 will be held in which country – Nepal (Kathmandu).

6. Former UN secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali who passed away recently hails from which country – EGYPT.

7. The US based BAE Systems is partnering with which Indian company for dissembling and testing M777 howitzers – Mahindra Defence systems Limited.

8. The woody islands is located in which sea – South China Sea.

9. Which state government has signed an agreement with Taxi aggregator Uber to create 75000 jobs across the state – Maharashtra.

10. The Medaram Tribal festival is celebrated in which state of India – Telangana.

11. Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan who died recently, was trained in which gharana of Hindustani classical Music – Gwalior Gharana.

12. Name the Indologist who awarded with prestigious Israel Prize for religious studies – David Shulman.

Daily GK Update - 22nd Feb 2016

1. BHEL recently commissioned 270MV unit of GVK power plant in which state – Punjab.

2. Who has inked a new lane imposing sanctions against North Korea – US President Barak Obama.

3. Name the person whose name is entered into Guinness Book of World Records for writing 3524 songs – Sameer Anjaan

4. Who has been named chairman of GST (Goods and Service Tax) committee of state Finance Ministers – Amit Mitra.

5. Who has become the 1st Indian American Judge of US Supreme Court – Sri Srinivasan.

6. Which City has emerged as the topped in the list of clean cities under the smart city Mission – Bhubaneshwar.

7. PNB recently declared which company as a willful defaulter – UB Holding Limited.

9. DRDO successfully Test Fired which Anti Tank Missile in Rajasthan – NAG.

10. Which photographer wins World Press photo of 2015 – Warren Richardson (Australian Photographer).

11. Which Bank Begs IBSA Banking Technology Award – Karnataka Bank.

12. Which Bank has launched ‘Japan Desk’ a single window for inbound Japanese Investment in India. – SBI.

Daily GK Update - 20th Feb 2016

1. Name the former UN Secretary General who passed away recently – Boutros Boutros Ghali.

2. Which two states collaborated on Technology and Development – Haryana and South Korean State of Chungcheongbuk.

3. Who has been conferred with the knight of the Legion of Honour “France Highest Honour” – Fashion Designer Manish Arora.

4. Who has won 36th National Chess Team Championship – Indian Railways.

5. Which Govt. Launched Utkarsh Bangla Scheme for School dropouts – West Bengal Govt.

6. How many Medals won by India in 2016 South Asian Games – 308. Gold -188 silver -90 Bronze-30.

7. Which two have linked MoU to set up thermal Power Plant – Jharkhand and Adani Group.

8. Which Foundation has collaborated with Maharashtra govt. for water conservation – Paani Foundation.

9. Name the initiative launched by Amazon for small business – Tatkal initiative.

10. Which state has announced Free Bus Pass scheme for Senior Citizens – Tamilnadu

11. Which two companies have tied up for 11 Billion Dollars India Army’s FICV Programme – Tata Moters & Bharat Forge

12. Who has won Israel Prize for Religious Studies for Research on India – David Shulman.

Daily GK Update - 19th Feb 2016

1. Biraja Prasad who passed away recently was the Indian Ambassador to which country – Tajikistan.

2. Which Textile Company has signed an MoU with Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation as part of make in India – Payment

4. Who has been awarded with the Pride of Kerala Award recently – Vidya Balan.

5. Canada, US and Mexico have recently – signed a MoU in which sector – Climate Change.

6. Who has been appointed as the New Secretary of DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion)

7. Where was the Under – 19 Cricket World Cup 2016 – held Bangladesh.

8. Rajamani who passed away recently was a – Music Director.

9. Prithvi – II Missile was successfully test fired from which place recently - Chandipur

10. The Silk Road Train has started between which two countries – China and Iran.

11. Which company has tied up with IRCTC for payment gateway – m RUPEE.

12. Which Team has won the Gold Medal in Women’s football in South Asian Games 2016 – India (2nd – Nepal)

Daily GK Update - 18th Feb 2016

1. Who has been appointed as New Australian High Commissioner to India – Harinder Sidhu.

2. Which agreement is signed between Reserve Bank of India and UAE Central Bank – Currency Swap Agreement

3. India’s First LCD Panel Plant will come up in which state – Maharashtra.

4. The Laser Interferometer Graviatational Wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors are located in which country – United States.

5. Approximately what percent of total Indian work force are unorganized workers – 89%.

6. Which Indian state has become the first ever state to e-auction limestone blocks – Jharkhand.

7. Who was Boutros -Ghali passed away recently – He was the former UN Secretary General.

8. Which Area becomes first Pakistan Province to adopt Hindu Marriage Bill – Sindh.

9. Who has been appointed as the New President of the Institute of Chartered Accounts of India (ICAI) – Devaraja Reddy.

10. India with which country signed MOU on Technical co-operation in Rail Sector – Sweden.

11. Which city from Karnataka has been ranked first in terms of cleanliness for second time in Swachh Sarvekshan 2016 – Mysuru.

12. What is the Name of India’s First indigenously developed lightest revolver – NIDAR.

Daily GK Update - 17th Feb 2016

1. Name the Jnanpith Award winning poet who has passed away recently – ONV Kurup.

2. Who has inaugurated Make in India week in Mumbai – Mr. Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

3. Who has been appointed as the chairman of TERI – Ashok Chawla.

4. Who has won 2016 St Petersburg Ladies Trophy – Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis.

5. Name the 7th India, Seychelles Joint Military Exercise which began in Seychelles – LAMITYE 2016.

6. Who has won Best Actor Award in 2016 at 69th British Academy Films Award (BAFTAs) Leonardo Dicaprio for ‘The Revenant’.

7. Which film won the Best Movie Award in 69th BAFTA – 2016 The Revenant (Director – Alejandro G. Innarita.

8. The Infosys Prize is Given in how many categories – Six (Social Science, Humanities, Mathematical Science, Life Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science and Physical Science.)

9. Which two countries have linked MoU on Technical Cooperation in rail sector – India and Sweden.

10. Where did the 1st Mega Food Park of Jharkhand Inaugurated – Getalsud.

11. Who has launched Team Swachh Clinics in Partnership with BCCI – ICC Cricket for Good and UNICEF.

12. Who has won 2016 Grammy Award for Best Music film – Indo- British Asif Kapadia.

Daily GK Update - 16th Feb 2016

1. The National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER) is located in which state – Jatani in Bhubaneshwar (Odisha).

2. Currently how many countries are the members of the Trans – Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement – 12.

3. Which country has launched a long range rocket defying international warnings – North Korea.

4. What is the name of the genetically modified (GM) mustard developed in India – DMH – 11.

5. The famous Araku Coffee is produced in which state of India – Andhra Pradesh.

6. “Udyam Aakansha” scheme has been launched by which state for promotion of SMEs – Chattisgarh.

7. Which state has topped the 2016 index of internet Readiness of Indian States – Maharashtra.

8. The sonadia Island is located in which country – Bangladesh.

9. Who has been appointed as the part time member of the Prasar Bharti Board – Kajol.

10. The Delhi Police has tied up with which Indian Organisation to track crime in the city – ISRO.

11. India’s First disabled friendly beach will come up in which state – Gujarat.

12. Elephanta Island is located in which state, which is also known as the ‘City of Caves’ – Maharashtra.

Daily GK Update - 15th Feb 2016

1. Which two countries have signed nine agreements including renewable energy and finance – India and UAE.

2. Who has acquired US-Based Health plan services – Wipro.

3. Which Pulitzer Prize winning composer Passed away – Leslie Bassett.

4. Which country has named women ministers for happiness, tolerance - UAE

5. Who has been appointed as Director of Indian Institute of Millets research – Vilas Tonapi.

6. Which Umpire has been banned by BCCI – Pakistani Umpire Asad Rauf.

7. Name the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi who has visited India – Shekh Mohammad bin Zayed al Nahyan.

8. Which country won U-19 Cricket World Cup – West Indies by defeating India.

9. Who has been invited from India to serve as a panelist on a UN Panel on women’s economic empowerment – Renana Jhabvala (A Ahmedabad based social worker)

10. The Inaugural Kerala Literature Festival 2016 has been hosted by which city - Kozhikode

11. The first joint Tactical Exercise of India and China has been conducted at which location – Ladakh.

12. The first ever Global Maritime Summit will be held in which country in 2016 April – India.

Daily GK Update - 13th Feb 2016

1. Which country’s National Assembly has voted for stripping of National for terrorists – France.

2. Name the vateren Director Who passed away recently – Aurbind o Mukherjee.

3. Between whom an agreement on cyber defense cooperation was inked – NATO & EU.

4. The Marine Museum was inaugurated at the Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre of Zoological survey of India at which place – Digha in West Bengal.

5. What is the Rank of India in United states chamber of commerce 2016 intellectual property index – 37 out of 38 countries.

6. India’s First Aviation Park Come up in – Which state – Gujarat.

7. In which country the 2016 Cobro gold Military exercise will be held – Thailand.

8. The National organie forming Research institute will come up in which state – Sikkim.

9. Which Countries Cricket Board have lost their permanent member status in International Cricket Council – India, Australia and England.

10. Which institute has become the India’s First fully solar powered educational institute – Sri Aurobindo International Centre for Education (Pudducherry)

11. The international Day of Zero tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation is observed on which Date – February 6.

12. Which place is associated with the traditional Nada Kushti (wrestling – Mysuru)

Daily GK Update - 12th Feb 2016

1. UNESCO Medals conferred for contributions to development of nano-science and nono technologies to how many scientists in 2016 – Eight.

2. Who has won India Handloom Tag – Chettinad Cotton Saree.

3. Who has been appointed as Executive Vice Chairman of TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) – Rajendra Kumar Pachauri.

4. Prime Minister Shram Awards 2014 announced by which Ministry recently – Union Ministry of Labour and Employment.

5. Who has been appointed as the Chief Justice of Bombay High Court recently – Justice Dhirendra Hiralal Waghela.

6. Where did the 9th Indo-Nepal Combined Battalion Level Military Training Exercise Surya Kiran Started – Uttrakhand.

7. Which Country has approved Hindu Marriage Bill 2015 recently – Pakistan.

8. Which state has proposed to develop INS VIRAT as Tourism centre – Andhra Pradesh.

9. Where did the World’s largest Concentrated solar Plant opened – Morocco.

10. Who has became fasted Cricketer to make 10 ODI Centuries – Quinton De Kock of South Africa. (Broke the Record of Virat Kholi)

11. National Deforming Day observed on which Day in India 10th February

12. RBI Released report on Introduction of Internet Rae option in India. The committee was headed by – PG Apte.

Daily GK Update - 11th Feb 2016

1. President of which Country declared a state of disaster in rural part of the Country – Zimbabwe.

2. Who has inaugurated Rise of Digital India Exhibition in Colombo – Sushma Swaraj (Min. of External Affairs, India)

3. Name of the Leg spinner of Pakistan who was suspended by ICC for doping offence – Yasir Shah.

4. Name of the Project which was launched to improve HIV interventions and PWID IN North Eastern state – Project Sunrise.

5. Which Country became first to ban supermarket food waste – FRANCE.

6. Who has been appointed as the president of International Grown Diamond Association – Vishal Mehta.

7. Which Noted Urdu Poet has passed away recently – Nida Fazli.

8. Which New Zealand Cricketer has retired from One Day Internationals – Brandon Barrie MeCullam.

9. Name the former Prime Minister of Nepal who passed away recently – Sushil Koirala.

10. Who has won the gold in Squash Individual for India at the 12th South Asian Games – Joshna Chinappa.

11. Which Strom has lashed parts of Britain – Strom Imogen.

12. Who has been appointed as the President of South Asian Wrestling Federation – Brij Bhushan Singh.

Daily GK Update - 10th Feb 2016

1. What is the theme of World Wetlands Day 2016 which was observed annually on February 2 – Wetlands for our future – Sustainable Livelihoods.

2. Who was crowned Miss Asia at the World Miss University 2016 Pageant in China – Rewati Chetri from India. (Venue – Beijing)

3. Miss World University 2016 – Miss Kelly Poldy Rivera Kroll from PERU. (Capital – Lima, Currency – Peruvian sol)

4. Who is the chairman of the recently created Tax Policy council in India – Union Finance Minister. (At present – Arun Jaitely)

5. Sanjeev Rajput associated with which Game – Shooting (He recently secured India’s 12th Olympic Quota Berth from Shooting for Olympics 2016)

6. What is the theme of World Cancer Day 2016 which was observed globally in 4th Feb – We Can I can”.

7. Who has been appointed as Vice-President of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) – Pandian.

8. Intizar Hussain, who passed away recently, was related with which field – Novel Writing.

9. Which film has won the Golden Conch Award for the best Documentary at Mumbai International film Festival 2016 – Phum Shang.

10. The Headquarters of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) are located in which city – Heidelberg (Germany)

11. Who has bagged the Global Filmmaking Award at the Sundance film Festival 2016 – Geetu Mohandas.

12. Which City is hosting the International Fleet Review 2016 – Vishakhapatnam.

Daily GK Update - 9th Feb 2016

1. Sudhir Tailang who passed away recently was related with which field – Political Cartoonist.

2. Where the National Organic Framing Research institute will be set up by the Union Government – Sikkim.

3. Edgar Mitchell who passed away recently was related with which field – Astronaut (NASA).

4. Recently Anuradha Roy won 2016 DSC Prize for which novel – Sleeping on Jupiter.

5. Recently which bank has launched its first Branch in South Africa ICICI Bank.

6. Who has won Global filmmaking Award 2016 for script of Insha Allah – Geetu Mohandas.

7. Who is named NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation)

8. Which Country has signed on Agreement to become an Associate Number of EMBO – India (EMBO – European Molecular Biology Organisation)

9. The Besant Institute of Postgraduate Management Studies conducted a Conference on ‘Make in India’ recently at which place – Mangalore

10. Inderjeet Singh is related with which Game – Shot Put.

11. The Indian Coast Guard Celebrated its 39th raising. Day on which Date 1 – Feb 2016.

12. In which state India’s first Railway University will come up – Gujarat (Vadodara)

Banking Awareness Quiz - 5th February 2016

1. Who is the present Chairman of US Federal Reserve System, the Central bank of USA – Jennet. L. Yeller

2. Who are the beneficiaries of ways and mean Advances (WMA) facility of Reserve Bank of India – State Governments.

3. Normally, Governments fiscal Policy is related to – Taxation and Government spending.

4. India’s all Economic transactions with the outside world in a year is specified under – Balance of Payments

5. Which is monthly publication by Reserve Bank of India Monetary and Credit information review.

6. Which is a major Qualitative Central measure in India imposed by RBI – Margin Requirements.

7. Expand the Term CAS – Credit Authorization scheme.

8. Which entity regulates housing finance companies in India-National Housing Bank.

9. When an exporter earns money and deposits that with RBI, Then India’s – Money supply will increase.

10. On the recommendation of which committee banking service Recruitment Board was abolished in 2002 – Narshiman Committee.

11. A Bank include in the second schedule of RBI is called as – scheduled bank.

12. What is the minimum and maximum number of Banks which can participate in a consortium locus – minimum 2 and Maximum no limit.

Daily GK Update - 5th February 2016

1. Balram Jakhar who passed away recently related with which field – He was the former Lok Sabha Speaker

2. Who has been appointed as the head of Mission and Force Commander of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force – Major General Jai Shanker Menon

3. S.S Tarapore who passed away recently related with which field – Economist and former Deputy Gov. of RBI

4. Which film has won first foreign film award conferred by French syndicate of Cinema Critics 2016 – Titli

5. Which company became the most valueable company in the world recently – Alphabet inc

6. Name the scheme launched for economically backward Dalit entrepreneurs in Maharashtra – Baba Sahib Ambedkar special collective incentive scheme

7. The council of scientific and Industrial research has launched the country’s first anti – diabetic ayurvedic Drug named – BGR-34

8. Where is Hardinge Park Garden – Patna (Bihar) – The Garden turns 100 on Jan 31. The Iconic Park was thrown open to the public on 31 Jan 1916

9. To promote case of doing Business which state has dropped five kind of license needed for Hotels – Maharashtra

10. Centre has decided to set up an Indian Agriculture Research institute in which state-Assam (At Bormula Village)

11. K.V. Krishna Rao who died recently was related with which filed – 14th chief of the Army Staff

12. Which state has granted 180 Days of Maternity leave for women Government employee in surrogacy cases – Maharashtra

Daily GK Update - 4th February 2016

1. The 34th National Rowing Championship was held in Hyderabad recently. Who has emerged as the winner – Sandeep Kumar.

2. Ishika Shah is related with which sports – Snooker. (She has won the 12th Sub-junior National Snooker Championship).

3. Mr. Avinash Dixit who is conferred with 2016 Padam Vibhushan Award is related which field – He is an Indian-American economist.

4. Which city has topped the list of the first 20 cities to be developed as Smart City- Bhubaneswar (Odisha).

5. Who is heading the one – man Judicial Commission to investigate Rohit Vemula Suicide Case – Ashok Kumar Roopanwal.

6. Who was Arindam Sengupta passed away recently – He was a journalist and the Times of India’s managing Editor.

7. Who has becomes 1st women DG of Sashatra Seema Bal – Archana Ramasundaram.

8. Who has been appointed as the New Director General of CRPF (central Reserve Police Force) - K. Durga Prasad.

9. Which Industry of Japan is planning to set up manufacturing plant of US-2 amphibious Aircraft in India – ShinMaywa Industries.

10. CBDT to ink two bilateral Advance Pricing Agreements (APA) with which country – United Kingdom.

11. India with which Country ink pact for Visa free Travel by envoys – Afghanistan.

12. DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion) given its final approval to set up India’s First Industrial park at which place – Ottappalam in Kerala.

Banking Awareness Quiz - 4th February 2016

1. Where is the headquarters of Central Bank of India located – Mumbai (CMD – Rajiv Rishi)

2. What is the name of Central Bank of Australia – Reserve bank of Australia.

3. Who is the Chairman of DICGC at present (Deposit Insurance Credit Guarantee Corporation – Rama Subramaniam Gandhi.

4. Expand the Term GAAR – General Anti Avoidance Tax Rules.

5. Which Deputy Governor’s Term has been extended for three more year recently by Central Govt. – Mr. Urjit Patel.

6. Mr. Raghuram G. Rajan has recently been appointed on which major post – Vice Chairman of BIS (Bank for International Settlement)

7. Expand the Term DEAF – Depositors Education and Awareness Fund.

8. In which year state Bank of Saurashtra was merged with State Bank of India.

9. On which Rate at which commercial banks borrow short term funds with RBI – Repo Rate

10. At which Rate commercial Bank Borrow fund from RBI or overnight basis – MSF (Marginal Standing Facility)

11. Expand the Term CIBIL – Credit Information Bureau of India Limited.

12. Where is the headquarters of Badhan Bank’s Located – (Kolkata, Chairman – Ashok Lahiri)

Daily GK Update - 3rd February 2016

1. Which state will host a Nypunyam International skill summit and skill Festa 2016 - Kerala

2. India overtakes which Country as World’s Largest Rice Exporter – Thailand.

3. Who has became India’s First Civil Servant to Scale Mount Vinson Massif , The highest Peak in Antarctica – Aparna Kumar.

4. 30th Suraj Kund International Craft Mela begin at which place – Faridabad (Haryana).

5. Which state selected as the Theme State in 30th Suraj Kund International Craft Mela – Telangana.

6. Who has won 83rd Senior national Snooker Championship which was held at Indore (MP) – Aditya Mehta.

7. Who has won 83rd Senior national Snooker Championship in women’s Category – Vidya Pillai by defeating Amee Kamani.

8. Which city will host 2021 World Aquatics Championships – Fukuoka (Japan).

9. Nayani Krishna Kumari who passed away recently was a writer in which language – Telugu.

10. Who has won the 2015-16 MRF Challenge Formula 2000 – the Brazilian – American Racing Driver Pietro Fittipaldi.

11. Currently, what is the base year for calculating the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in India – 2011-12.

12. Which Indian has been conferred with “Order of friendship” Award by Russia recently – R.S. Sundar (Director of Kadan Kulam Nuclear Power Project)

Banking Awareness Quiz - 3rd February 2016

1. Which was the first Life Insurance Company in India – Oriental Life Insurance Company (Estd in 1818, failed in 1834)

2. On which date, nationalization of Private Insurance Sector in India took place – January 19, 1956.

3. In which year, Indian Insurance Companies Act was enacted – 1928

4. On which Date, General Insurance business in India was nationalized – January 1, 1973.

5. In which year, The General Insurance Corporation of India was incorporated as a company – 1971.

6. Expand the Term IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards.

7. Expand the Term GIRO – Government Internal Revenue.

8. Expand the Term SIP – Systematic Investment Plan.

9. In the Capital Market, simultaneous purchase and sale of securities to reduce the loan is known as – Arbitrage.

10. Interest Rate Risk can be placed under – Market Risk.

11. Which entity / organization works as central processing agent in RTGS – Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT)

12. Which facility was set up by the State Bank of India on recommendation of Iyer committee in 1991 - BANKNET

Daily GK Update - 2nd February 2016

1. Men’s Single – Novok Djokovic (Serbia) Beat Andy Murray (Britain)

2. Women’s Single – Angelique Kerber (Germany) Beat S. Williams (USA)

3. Women’s double – Sania Mirza (India) & Marina Hingis (Switzerland) Beat Andrea Hlavacova and Lucie Haradeca (Czech Republic).

4. Men’s Double – Jammie Murray (Britain) and Bruno Sores (Brasil) Beat Radek Stepnek (Czech Republic) and Daniel Nestor (Canada).

5. Novok Djokovic won Australian for the 6th Time. He won the same event in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016.

6. Sania Mirza and Matina Hingis won their 36th Match Consecutively and famous with a name of Santina.

7. Which Country has revealed First stealth fighter Aircraft – X-2-Japan.

8. Name of three Indian IT Companies which joined Barack Obama’s Computer Sciencce for all plan – Infosys, Tata Consultancy and Wipro.

9. Who won Syed Modi International Championship title recently – Kidambi Srikanth (India) Beat Huang Yuxiang (China).

10. Which UT Governor launched MITRA APP for Women Safety – Pudducherry (Governor – A.K. Singh)

11. Who has been appointed as the Chief Commissioner for persons with Disabilities – Dr. Kamlesh Kumar (for three year).

12. Who has been selected for K. Vermani Social Justice Award – CM of Bihar Nitish Kumar.

Banking Awareness Quiz - 2nd February 2016

1. When two or more distinct Insurance Policies combined into a single contract, it is known as-Package Policy.

2. Which type of life Insurance coverage payable to a third party lender upon the death of the insured for loss of loan payment Mortgage Insurance.

3. If a person experience illness, injury or other physical or psychological impairment, whether temporary or permanent, then it is which type of risk – Morbidity Risk.

4. If a General or life Insurance Policy with a sum assured of Rs. 5000 or less, then it denotes which type of Insurance category – Micro Insurance.

5. Which term refers to termination of policy due to failure to pay the required renewal premium – Policy Lapse.

6. Expand the term CMO – Collateralized Mortgage Obligation.

7. On which Date, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) was established – September 1, 1956.

8. Under which section of Income Tax Act, the insured person can claim for tax deduction of the amount invested in Insurance Section 80-D

9. Which project is to provide health and social security services to members of ESIC through a national Digital Network – Panchdeep.

10. In context of Health Insurance, under which policy the insurer pays the total or partial amount of the Insured person’s hospital Bills – Hospitalization Policy.

11. In which year Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority was constituted – 1999.

12. The Headquarter of IRDAI is located in the which city – Hyderabad.

Banking Awareness Quiz - 1st February 2016

1. What is the minimum tenure of deposits to be taken by NBFCs (Non Banking Financial Companies) – 12 Months

2. What is the Cap on loan amount given out by a Non Banking financial company – Micro Finance Institution – Rs 50000

3. Expand the Term IRDAI – Insurance regulatory development authority of India

4. If an Insurance Policy holder is not satisfied with the award of the Insurance Ombudsman, he or she can approach to – Courts of law or consumer forums

5. Expand the term CIRL – Central Insurance Repository Limited

6. Expand the term IGMS – Integrated Grievance Management System

7. Up to what extent, FDI in Insurance sector is allowed by the government of India – 49%

8. Which Insurance Policy giver holder the benefits of both Insurance and Investment – ULIP (Unit Linked Investment Policies)

9. Expand the term ESIC – Employee state Insurance corporation

10. Under ESIC, Employer contribution rate and Employee contribution rate respectively is – 4.75% and 1.75%

11. The process of identifying and classifying the degree of risk represented by a proposed insured. As per Insurance sector, what does the term stands far – Underwriting

12. What do we call the money changed for the Insurance coverage - Premium

Daily GK Update - 1st February 2016

1. Which former Indian Basketball Captain passed away recently – Ranbir Chopra

2. Which Pakistani cricketer has announced its retirement from international cricket recently – Imran Farhat

3. Who has been honoured with the order of Australia recently – Chennupati Jagodish and Jay Chandra

4. Who has won 12th sub-Junior National snooker championship – Ishika Shah

5. International day of commemoration observed on which day – 27th January

6. Which state has decided to impose ban on polythene from January 2017 – Madhya Pradesh

7. The Turbulent years, volume II of memoirs is the auto-biography of which famous personality – President Pranab Mukherjee

8. Who has been appointed as the Lokayukta of Uttar Pradesh – Justice Sanjay Mishra

9. Commemorative coin of 150 rupees and circulation coin of 10 rupees released on which personality – Lala Lajpat Rai

10. Who has won gold in senior National Rowing championship – Navneet Kaur and Santosh Kadale

11. Who has been appointed as the New CMD of NTPC (National Thermal Power corporation) – Gurdeep Singh

12. Who has won 2016 William E. Colby Award for best Military Book – Nisid Hajari

Banking Awareness Quiz - 30 January 2016

1. In which year the first organised future market was estd. In India – In the year 1875 under the name of ‘Bombay cotton Trade Association

2. A customized contract between two parties, where settlement take place on a specific date in future at a price agreed today is called – Forward Contracts

3. Which gives the right, but not an obligation, to buy the underlying at a started date and at a started price – Call Option

4. All Mutual funds in India must be compulsorily registered with – SEBI (Security & Exchange Board of India)

5. Which is a correct statement about open ended mutual Fund – It can be bought and sold any time

6. What are the examples of a Real Asset – House, Jewellery and Gold

7. What is the major difference between swaps and futures contracts – Swaps are usually marked to market, whereas futures contracts are hot

8. On which date FERA was replaced by FEMA – June 1, 2000

9. Expand the term FERA – Foreign Exchange Regulation Act

10. Expand the term FEMA – Foreign Exchange Management Act

11. What is the minimum net owned funds (NOF) mandatory for a Infrastructure Finance Company (IFC) in India – Rs 300 crore

12. What is the main business of systemically important core Investment Company in India – Acquisition of shares and securities

Daily GK Update - 30th January 2016

1. Which country’s Parliament has passed a law to seize valueables from the refugees – Denmark (Parliament of Denmark – Folketing)

2. The recently approved Hybrid annuity model will help to – Fast Track Highway Projects

3. Who have been appointed as the advisors to the Arunachal Pradesh governor – Y.S. Dadwal and G.S. Patnaik

4. With which country India has signed double taxation Avoidance convention – Armenia

5. Where is the 61st National School Athletic Meet Taking Place – Kerala

6. What is the name of India’s first mission to study the sun – Aditya – L1

7. Which city has topping the list of smart city – Bhubaneshwar

8. Which state has won national award for E-Governance for best distt. Level Initiative – Jammu and Kashmir

9. Who has been awarded with the Allan Border Medal for the yar 2016 – David Warner (Australia)

10. Who has been re-elected for the Amuesty International Human rights award for the year 2016 0 Henri Tiphagme

11. Who has been awarded with the women International cricketer of the year recently – Ellyse Perry (Australia)

12. From which place the Aakash Missile successfully test fired - Chandipur (Odisha)

Banking Awareness Quiz -29-01-2016

1. What are the major Pillars of Basel III – (1. Minimum Capital standards (ii Supervisary Review Process (iii Market Discipline

2. Capital Adequacy ratio is a thermometer of Bank’s Health. It is the ratio of a bank’s – Capital to its risk

3. For the first time, in which year Basel committee came up with capital accords for banks – 1988

4. What do we call the risk of collapse of an entire financial system or entire market – Systemic Risk

5. A consumer fails to make a payment due on a mortgage loan. This is known as – Credit Risk

6. What is leverage Ratio – Capital to total Assets (Not risk weighted)

7. Which is India’s first Credit Rating agency – CRISIL (Credit Rating Information services of India Limited)

8. RBI takes “Prompt corrective Action” when a bank is faced to – Low Capital Adequacy

9. Which is the most active money market instrument in India – Overnight call market or Repo

10. Expand the term CORE – Centralised online Real Time Exchange

11. Expand the term DIPP – Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion

12. NABARD was established on the recommendation of which committee – B. Sivaraman committee

Daily GK Update -29-01-2016

1. Which is the India’s first social mobile wallet service - Udio

2. India’s largest tricolour was hoisted in which city by the defence Minister Manohar Parikar – Ranchi (Height – 66 feet)

3. Which state has started the Giriputrika Kalyana Pathakam scheme – Andhra Pradesh (This scheme is launched with an aim to support tribal women)

4. Which article is related to the Presidents Rule in Indian states – Article 356 (Recently approved for Arunachal Pradesh)

5. Where was the first Ministerial Meeting of Arab-India Co-operation forum held – Manama (Bahrin)

6. Who was Pandit Shankar Ghosh passed away recently – Tabla Player (He was awarded with the Prestigious Sangeet Naatak Akademi Award in 2000)

7. Who has been honoured with the order of Australia recently – Kerala Dentist Sanjeev Koshy

8. Who has been honoured with the 3rd National Yash Chopra Memorial Award – REKHA

9. Who led the Prade of 67th Republic Day of India on 26th Jan – Lieutenant General Rajan Ravindaran

10. International Customs Day was observed on which day – 26th Jan.

11. National Girl child day observed on 24th Jan and similarly girl child day on International level observed on 11th Oct.

12. Which Military Contingent Participated in the Republic Day Prade of India and became the first to receive such honour - France

Banking Awareness Quiz -27-01-2016

1. What is the accidental death cover available to holders of Kisan Credit Card – Rs 50000/-

2. Which section of negatiable instrument act 1881 defines ‘Negotiable Instrument” – Section 13

3. Which section of Negotiable Instrument Act 1881 defines ‘Promissory notes” – Section 4

4. How many parties primarily involved in a Promissory Note – Two

5. As per which section of NI Act 1881, in case of dishonour of cheque for insufficiency of funds in the account take place – Section 138

6. When an endorser puts his signature on the back of the Instrument without writing the name of the endorsee is termed as – Blank Endorsement

7. When an endorser puts his signature on the back of the instrument to pay the amount to, or to the order of a specified person is termed as – Special Endorsement

8. “Not Negotiable” written on a cheque crossing means – The cheque is not presented by anyone other than the payee

9. Where is the headquarters of Oriental Bank of commerce located – Gurgaon

10. “World’s Local Bank” is the Tagline of which Bank – HSBC

11. Expand the term BIFR – Board for Industrial finance and Reconstruction

12. Expand the term AMFI – Association of Mutual Funds of India

Daily GK Update -27-01-2016

1. Naagji cup tournament is asociated with which game - Football

2. What is the name of snow storm which effect USA recently – Snowzilla

3. How many companies has been allowed for IPO (Unitial Public offering) by SEBI recently – Five

4. Who has been awarded with the ‘Shourya Chakra’ by the govt of India Posthomusly – Rocky (Haryana)

5. A deal of 36 Fighter Jet has been completed with India and France. What is the name of Fighter Jet – RAFEL

6. Who is the winner of Malaysian Master Grand Prix 2016 – P.V. Sandhu (India) Beat Kristi Gillmar (Scotland) (Badminton)

7. Which country has won first T-20 Asian cup for visually handicapped – India Beat Pakistan

8. Which state has topped in Implementing MGNREGA for 2014-15 – Andhra Pradesh

9. TASS is the news agency of which country – Russia

10. Which ground forces to hold 1st ever military exercise with Pakistan – Russian

11. RBI will Introduced bank notes of which denominations with enhanced security features – Rs 500 and 100

12. Recently for which state cabinet has passed his decision to apply President Rule – Arunachal Pradesh

Banking Awareness Quiz -25-01-2016

1. What is the priority sector loan target has been given to the foreign banks operating in India in terms of agriculture loan – No specific target (In total loans, their target is fixed at 32%)

2. In banking language, which is called contingent liability of the banks – Non fund based landing

3. In terms of agriculture loans in India, the short term credit refers to the loans mode for a period less then – 15 months

4. To call a loan NPA, the interest or instalment of principal should remain overdue for a minimum period of more than – 90 days

5. What is the loan limit for education under priority sector lending for studying in India and abroad respectively – Rs 10 Lakh, Rs 20 Lakh

6. Who monitors priority sector landing in commercial banks – Reserve Bank of India

7. NABARD administers fund called rural infrastructure Devl. Fund (RIDF). What is the major source of its funding – Penalties levied on domestic commercial banks who fails to meet PSL targets

8. “No Risk, No Reward”. This quote is most closely associated with – Risk-Return Trade-off

9. In which type of account, no cheque book is issued – Illiterate Account

10. In which year, foreign currency non resident account bank was first introduced – 1993

11. Equity shares are the part of which market – Capital Market

12. A syndicated loan is a form of lending in which – A group of lenders collectively extend a loan to a single borrower

Daily GK Update -25-01-2016

1. Who is Lettyn Hewitt – former world No.1 Australian lawn Tennis Player who recently announced his retirement

2. Which Lawn Tennis Player recently recorded his 300th win in grand slam matches – Roger Federer (Switzerland)

3. Which city is hosting 19th National conference on e-governance – Nagpur

4. How many members are there in BBIN group – 4 (Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal)

5. Which new scheme has been launched by Dr. Najma Heptullah, Minister of Minority Affairs for the first time in Jammu and Kashmir which will address educational and livelihood needs – Nai Manzil

6. A United Nations world economy report said India will be the worlds’ fastest growing large economy at how much percent in 2016 – 7.3%

7. Who was Ettore Scola died recently – Italian Film Maker

8. Who has been elected as the new Prime Minister of Moldova – Pavel Filip

9. Who has been appointed as the New Chairman of central board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) – Atulesh Jindal

10. Who is the writer of Maru Bharat Saru Bharat – released by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi – Ratnasunder Suriswarji

11. Who has been appointed as the President of Bhartiya Janta Party for second time – Amit Shah

12. Shivnarine Chanderpaul is associated with which game – Cricket (West Indies Cricketer recently announced his retirement from International Cricket)

Banking Awareness Quiz -22-01-2016

1. What is the number of non-official directors in RBI - 16

2. What is the main objective of conductive open market operation – To adjust liquidity conditions

3. What is the minimum bid under liquidity adjustment facility – 5 crore

4. Which is available to banks to borrow overnight funds from RBI against the approved govt. securities – Marginal standing facility

5. The custodian of India’s foreign exchange reserve is- Reserve Bank of India

6. What is sold and purchased during open market operations by RBI – Govt Securities

7. RBI has a principle that overseas banks are given near national treatment in India only if their home country allowed Indian banks to open branches without much restrictions. This principle is known as – Reciprocity

8. Which type of account is opened in foreign currency only – FCNR (foreign currency non resident bank account)

9. Deposits made in which does not come under deposit insurance scheme – Primary Agricultural credit societies

10. The funds set aside by the banks as fraction to the loans to cover up losses is called – Provisioning coverage ratio

11. What is the maximum amount insured under deposit insurance – Rs 1 Lakh

12. The activities which come under priority sector loans – Agriculture and allied activities (ii. Education Loans (iii. Retail Trade Loans

Daily GK Update -22-01-2016

1. What is the India’s rank in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2015-16 – 89 out of 109 countries (1st Switzerland)

2. Who is the Author of the book titled “She will build him a city” – Raj Kamal Jha

3. Aroon tikekar, who passed away recently, was related to which field – Journalist

4. In which state, the 4th All India police Archery championship has started – Nagaland

5. Burkinafaso, which is in news for terrorists attacks, is located in which part of the world – Western Africa

6. What is the India’s Economic growth forecast for current fiscal as per International Monetary Fund – 7.3%

7. The Lalitpur super thermal power project is located in which state- Uttar Pradesh

8. The veteran Kannada filmmaker and lyricist Lakshman Rao, who passed away recently hails from which state – Karnataka

9. Who has been selected for 2016 Prof. MV Pylee award – Jancy James (first women vice chancellor of Kerala)

10. 35% Reservation for women in government jobs was approved by which state govt. – Bihar

11. Union Government sanctioned 33000 crore rupees for Infrastructure projects in which state – Tamilnadu

12. Who has been appointed as the New President of ICSI (Institute of company secretaries of India) – Mamta Binani

Banking Awareness Quiz -21-01-2016

1. Who signs one rupee note in India – Finance Secretary

2. First Printing Press for bank notes in India was established at which place – Nasik (In Maharashtra in 1928)

3. A fifty Paisa coin in India is a legal tender till what amount – Rs 10

4. In which denominations, star series notes in India are not issued – Rs 500

5. In how many languages the amount of a banknote is written on it – 17

6. RBI provides way and means advances to – State Government

7. What will be the impact on the cash reserves of commercial banks if RBI conducts a sale of securities – Decrease

8. If the cash Reserve Ratio is increased by the RBI, its impact on the expansion of credit creation will be to – Decrease it

9. When RBI provides ways and means advances to the state government against collateral govt. securities; it is called - special ways and means advances

10. What is the maximum number of official directors in RBI’s central board of directors – 5 (five)

11. Who appoints the governor of RBI – Central Government

12. What is the retirement age of RBI Governor – 62 years

Daily GK Update -21-01-2016

1. Who has been appointed as the MD and CEO of Tata Motors – Guenter Butschek

2. Which space agency has launched the space X Falcon 9 Rocket – NASA (National Aeronautics space Administration)

3. Which country has declared the Economic Emergency Recently- France

4. Which stock exchange has launched for Algorithmic trading test facility – Bombay stock exchange (In partnership with Mumbai based symphony Fintech solution P.Ltd.)

5. Which state celebrates Nandi Natkotsavam – Andhra Pradesh (The festival has begin at in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh)

6. What growth rate has been predicted for India for the year 2016 by United Nations Economic and social commission for Asia and the pacific – 7.5%

7. Who has won the Hindu Literary Prize for the year 2015 recently – Easterine Kire from Nagaland for her Novel – When the river sleeps

8. Which Indian state is setting up the largest single – site solar power project in the world – Madhya Pradesh

9. BCCI Banned which player with Ajit Chandila for involvement in 2013 IPL spot fixing seandal – Hiken Shah

10. Which Temple is going to become Gujrat’s first Temple to invest in Gold Monetisation scheme – Somnath Temple

11. The NITI Aayog has collaborated with which organisation for conducting a survey of manufacturing firms – IDF Bank

12. The Global Risks report 2016 is published by which organisation – World Economic Forum

Banking Awareness Quiz -20-01-2016

1. In terms with Banking sector, Anywhere banking refers to – The customer can Deposit/withdrawl Cash at any branch other than the branch in which he holds the account

2. Which type of banking is most helpful in cross selling – Relationship Banking

3. Which is the first financial institution in India that adopted the universal Banking system – ICICI

4. In which type of banking there is a direct execution of transactions between a bank and its customers – Retail Banking

5. A commercial Bank will launch a Medium Term Note (MTN) programme to – Raise funds

6. Which Indian Bank has opened its first branch in China (Shanghai) in May 2015 – ICICI Bank

7. The Headquarters of local boards of RBI are located at – Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and New Delhi

8. Under which section of RBI Act 1934, the RBI has the sale right to issue bank notes of all denominations – Section 22 of RBI Act 1934

9. Under Minimum Reserve system, how much amount Reserve Bank of India was required to keep in Gold and Foreign Exchange Reserves – Rs 200 crore (115 crore in Gold and Rs 85 Crore in foreign Exchange)

10. Under which rate the bank avails long term loans from RBI by putting no collateral securities – Bank rate

11. Which terms of Banks are included under statutory Pre-emptions – SLR & CRR

12. Which is the most important function being done by SLR in recent times – Financing Government Deficits

Daily GK Update -20-01-2016

1. Yuki Bhambri is associated with which game – Lawn Tennis

2. Who has been elected as the first female President of Taiwan – Tsai-ing-wen (Democratic progressive party)

3. Who have won the 2016 WTA Apia

international title in the women’s double category – Sania Mirza & Martina Hingis

4. The Juvenile Justice (care and protection of Children) Act 2015 came into force from which data – 15 January 2016

5. US has lifted nuclear been from which country – IRAN

6. Who has been elected to the board of directors of AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) – Dinesh Sharma

7. Who has won the 216 Pritzker Architecture Prize – Chilean Architect Alejandro Aravena

8. Anil Ganguly, who passed away recently, was related to which field – Cinema (He was a noted Indian film maker and screen writer)

9. In which Indian state, for the first time World Bank will be funding a Zoo – Andhra Pradesh (Hudhud – ravaged Indira Gandhi Zoological Park in Vishakhapatnam)

10. Where is Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake-(Also known as Pong Dam) – Kangra Distt of Himachal Pradesh

11. Which Indian cricketer has been banned for life time by BCCI – Ajit Chandila (IPL spot fixing)

12. Who has won Premier Badminton League title – Delhi Acers cafter defeating Mumbai Rockets

Banking Awareness Quiz - 19th January 2016

1. The Royal commission of Indian Currency and Finance was also known as – Hilton Young Commission

2. What was the Initial share capital of reserve bank of India when it started – Rs 5 Crore

3. Which is the oldest Joint Stock Bank of India – Allahabad Bank

4. Neonatal Bank is the subsidiary of which nationalised bank – Bank of Baroda

5. What is the share of the foreign banks in the branch network in India – Less than 1%

6. In which year, co-operative societies Act was enacted – 1912

7. Which Rural Co-operatives in India work at village or grassroots level – Primary Agricultural credit societies

8. Bank Branches are established under which section of Banking Regulation Act 1949 – Section 23

9. In which country the Unit Bank system originated United States (It is a limited way of banking where banks operate only from a single branch taking care of local community)

10. With reference to various types of banking, what is mixed banking – When banks undertake the activities of commercial and Investment banking together

11. What is the current number of local area banks in India – Four (1. Coastal Local Area Bank (2. Capital Local Area Bank (3. Krishna Bhima Samruddhi Local Area Bank (4. Subhadra Local Area Bank

12. Which country has largest shadow banking market in the world – United States of America

Daily GK Update - 19th January 2016

1. What is the full form of SWP – Systematic Withdrawl Plan

2. Govt. has announced how much crore rupees carpus fund for development and growth of innovation driven enterprises startup – 10000

3. Where is Sakhir Airbase – Bahrin (Light combat aircraft Tejas, Created history when it touched the foreign soilat Sakhir Airbase)

4. Who is the Author of sleeping of Jupiter – Anuradha Roy (Indian writer Anuradha Roy has won the prestigious DSC Prize for south Asian Literature for this Novel)

5. Govt. will establish NAT to assess abilities of JEE aspirants. What is the full form of NAT – National Authority for Testing

6. Which city is hosting National Conference on sustainable Agriculture and Farmers 2016 – Gangtok (Sikkim)

7. Which state to set up Green Fodder Bank to meet fodder shortage – Himachal Pradesh

8. Which cricketer has completed fastest 7000 runs in one day international cricket – Virat Kihli (India)

9. Rama Rao, who died recently, was the former Governer of which state – Sikkim (from 2002 to 2007)

10. Chinese President Xi Jinping formally opened Asian Infrastructure Investment bank in which city – Beijing

11. From 5 to 16 February Guwahati and Shilliong will host which games in 2016 – South Asian Games 2016

12. BSNL has launched special drive named each one – Teach one to educate people on use of Internet and Data in which Indian state – Himachal Pradesh

Banking Awareness Quiz - 18th January 2016

1. Which bank was the first bank purely managed by Indians – Punjab National Bank (Established in Lahore in 1895)

2. The Basel-III framework is based on 3 components called 3 Pillars, which Include – (i Minimum capital standards (ii Supervisory Review process (iii Market Discipline

3. In recent times, the term Gold ETF was making news. This is the closet instrument to Gold ETF – Mutual Fund. (Gold ETFs – Paper Gold)

4. Each Country in in the BRICS development bank has equal equity. What is the amount of this equity – 10 Billion USD

5. Where is BRICS Development Bank Headquartered – Shanghai

6. “Women Power” is a home loan scheme specially for women of which bank – HDFC Bank

7. The Monetary Policy of RBI has how many types of Instruments – Two (Qualitative and Quantitative)

8. RBI has how many subsidiaries – Four (National Housing Bank, NABARD, DICGC & BRBNMPL)

9. Which Term is used to denote Broad Money – M3 (M3 = Narrow Money + Time deposit of Public with Bank)

10. In which year, Regional Rural Banks started working in India- 1975

11. In which year, Indian Rupee was devalued for the first time – 1966

12. Original headquarters of RBI were located at which place – Calcutta. (But it was shifted to Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, Mumbai in 1937)

Daily GK Update - 18th January 2016

1. WHO (World Health organisation) has decleared the end of out-break of which disease - EBOLA

2. SBI has launched which initiative for startups – SBI InCube

3. Where has SBI launched its new branch InCube – Bengaluru

4. Sahayog-Kaijin 2016 is bilateral coast guard exercise between which two countries – India and Japan

5. Where has Sahayog-Kaijin 2016, Bilateral exercise by Indian and Japanese coast guards started – Chennai

6. Which third 0 Generation Aunti Tank Missile has been test fired recently – NAG (at Mahajan Field Firing Range in Rajasthan)

7. For which state National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has sanctioned 791 crore rupees – Telangana

8. With which country Madhya Pradesh government has signed four MOUs – Singapore (In Urban Planning, Skill Development, Clean Energy and Food Processing)

9. Who is announced as brand Ambassador of Nagjee

International football tournament which will be held in Kerala – Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho Gaucho

10. Which country has formed 4 members EPG (Eminent persons group) to review its agreements with India – Nepal

11. Which Russian player has been placed into international tennis hall of fame – Marat Safin

12. The World Bank has signed which loan agreement with Indian Government – Neeranchal National watershed project

Banking Awareness Quiz - 16th January 2016

1. Where was the first headquarters to Reserve Bank of India- Kolkata

2. When did the headquarters of Reserve Bank of India moved to Mumbai – 1937

3. Which commission recommended the formation of Reserve Bank of India – Hilton Young Commission (Royal Commission)

4. A loan to pay for a home, business or other real estate over a period of time is a – Martgage

5. Finance Commission is constituted – Once in 5 years

6. Which bank was earlier called the “Imperial Bank of India – State Bank of India

7. A sum of Money paid regularly by a company to its share holders out of its profits is called as – Dividend

8. A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking a financial risks in the hope of profit is known as – Entrepreneur

9. The started principal amount of a financial instrument is known as – Face Value

10. What does PLR stand for – Prime Lending Rate

11. Which Account is a temporary pass through account held by a third party during the process of transaction between two parties – Escrow Account

12. A right to keep possession of property belonging to another person until a debt owed by the person is discharged is called as - Lien

Daily GK Update - 16th January 2016

1. Which new scheme has been introduced by the Union Govt. for farmers – Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna

2. India has decided to become member country of which agency – Ocean Energy Systems

3. India and Maldives have decided to sign an MOU in which field – Health

4. Which Panel has been set up to study 7th Pay commission’s recommendations – P.K. Sinha Panel

5. When is the Indian Army Day celebrated – 15 January

6. Which city is hosting the 66th senior National Basketball championship for men and women – Mysuru (Karnataka)

7. Who has been honoured with the Neerja Bhanot Award – Subhashini Vasanth

8. Who has been presented with the Danny Kaye Humanitarian Leadership Award – David Beckham (Presented by UNICEF)

9. Name the committee formed on Mumabi – Ahmedaba High speed corridor – Arvind Pangariya committee

10. Name of the secretary General of FIFA who is dismissed by the FIFA Emergency committee – Jerome Valcke

11. The Nagjee International club football tournament will be held in which state – Kerala

12. Who has been awarded with the world peace and prosperity foundation award for the year 2016 – Telangana Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali

Banking Awareness Quiz - 15th January 2016

1. What do you mean by Universal Banking- Provision of all financial services in one bank

2. The Employees of the bank went on strike and when it comes to risk, what you mean by this – Operational Risk

3. BASEL-II accord is mostly concerned with – Capital Adequacy Ratio

4. A bank is unable to pay its short term deposits because the bank’s funds are blocked in long term investments. The risk derived in this case is known as – Liquidity Risk

5. A bank recently introduced a new deposit scheme which was not popular amongst the public and what do you mean by the risk associated with this – Market Risk

6. The Assets Liablities Committee in a bank makes the assessment of- Liquidity Risk

7. A debtor makes default in repayment of a bank loan and which type of risk is this for a lending bank – Credit Risk

8. Which type of risk arises before a bank that trades in government securities – Market Risk

9. When ICICI limited merged with ICICI Bank – 1st Aug 2002

10. Bank of Madura Limited merged with which bank – ICICI Bank

11. What do you mean by horizontal merger – Merger of two or more companies that manufacture homogenous products

12. Which Bank has changed its name to Axis Bank limited – UTI Bank Limited

Daily GK Update - 15th January 2016

1. Which Indian department has changed the languages and the terms recently – Indian Metrological department

2. Andhra Pradesh Government has signed a MOU with which company to set up a world class naval facility in the state – Reliance Defence Limited

3. Where in India BSNL has launched its 4G service – Chandigarh

4. EPFO (The Emplayee’s Provident Fund Organisation) has won the e-governance award for which service – Universal Account Number

5. With which country India has signed the social security Agreement – Australia

6. Where did the 20th National Youth Festival Inaugurated – Naya Raipur

7. Who has made honorary life member of Mohammedan Sparting – Amitabh Bacchan

8. Book titled Jawaharlal Nehru and the Indian Polity in Perspective released by – Hamid Ansari

9. Which state has become the first state to achieve 100 percent primary education status – Kerala

10. Vijay Chaudhari is related to which sport – Wrestling (He has won the 2016 Maharashtra Kesri title by winning the 59th Maharashtra Kesri wrestling championship in Nagpur)

11. The Flamingo Festival – 2016 is organised in which state- Andhra Pradesh

12. Hopman-Cup is associated with which sports – Lawn Tennis.

Banking Awareness Quiz- 14th January 2016

1.     The sponsorship between state govt, central govt. and sponsor bank is in the ratio of ______ in respect of Regional Rural Banks in the country – 15:50:35

2.     When it comes to providing locker facility to the customer of any bank, the relationship between the customer and banker is that of – Lessee and Lessor

3.     Which has been renamed as “Annual Policy Statement” by the Reserve Bank of India – Monetary and Credit Policy

4.     When does RBI review its annual policy statement – July, October and January

5.     Expand the term BCSBI – Banking Coes and Standard Board of India

6.     Which committee has recommended Interoduction of Smart Card – Saraf Committee

7.     Which committee has formulated consultatine profile in connection with electornic fund transfer – K.S. Shere Committee

8.     The process of transformation of physical shares, commercial paper or certificate of deposit into electronic form is called as : - Dematerialisation

9.     Providing Banking services to a customer without his entrance inside the bank dranch is called as – Virtual Banking

10.   Where is SWIFT (Society for worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) headquartered – Brussels (Belgium)

11.   Where has National Financial Switch of IDRBT established – Hyderabad

12.   Cheque Truncation means – Using the electronic image of a cheque

Daily GK Update- 14th January 2016

1.     DRDO has successfully test fired New Tank Ammunition far which type of tanks - Arjun

2.     On which date was the 11th world Hindi Day observed – 10th Jan.

3.     Which country is elected as UNICEF’s executive board member for 2016-2018 – Nepal

4.     Name the first Indian state to make gender education compulsory at graduation level – Telangana

5.     Which has become the world’s most commonly used domain in the internet - .cn. (China country code domain.cn by surpassing germany’s .de domain)

6.     Which stock exchange will get its ouen pastage stamp very soon – Bombay stock exchange (BSE) (BSE had recently become the world’s fastest stock exchange clocking a median trade speed of six micro seconds)

7.     At which place successful cloning of buffalo has taken place recently named – Cirb Gaurav – Ans – Hissar (Haryana)

8.     Ravindro Kalia who recently passed away belonged to which field – Writing and Journalism

9.     Name the first Tibetan Language search Engine – Cloud Tibet

10.   Which Dance has entered Guinness Book of world records – Kullu’s Nati Folk

11.   Who has been appointed as the New CEO of flipkart – Binny Bansal

12.   Govt. Constitute which committee to Fast Track Bullet Train Project – Arvind Pangariya Committee

Banking Awareness Quiz- 13th January 2016

1.     ‘One family one Bank’ is the logline of which nationalised bank – Bank of Maharashtra

2.     Where is Asian Development Bank headquartered – Manilla (Philippines)

3.     Many times we see in newspapers that some projects are launched by the govt. Authorities on PPP Basis. What is the full form of PPP – Public Private Partnership

4.     The Ratio of the cash reserve that the banks are required to keep with RBI is known as – Cash Reserve Ratio

5.     The availability of cash and other cash like marketable instruments that are useful in purchases and investments are commonly known as – Liquidity

6.     Which scheme launched by govt of Inaid provides a guaranteed 100 days employment to rural employment seekers in India – MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act)

7.     Many Banks have adopted “Core Banking Solutions” (CBS) and what do you mean by “CBS” – A delivery channel for quick & fast delivery

8.     Banking sector comes under which sector – Service Sector

9.     An account in which trading of shares in their electronic form is done is known as – Demat Account

10.   Mortgage relates which type of loan in Banking System – Housing Loan

11.   Fourteen Banks were nationalized in the country during the first stage on – 19.07.1969

12.   When does Reserve Bank of India issues annual policy statement - April

Daily GK Update- 13th January 2016

1.     Which state has notified the norms for erecting memorials of National leaders and other - Maharashtra

2.     Online initiative to engage which type of customers and citizens was launched by Union Government - LPG

3.     Who has won the 2016 Chennai open title of Lawn Tennis – Stanislas Wawrnka (Switzerland) (World No-14)

4.     Who has won 2016 Qatar open of Lawn Tennis – Novok Djokovic of Serbia beat Rael Nadal of Spain

5.     Who has been honoured with the recond edition of Harikrishna Devsare Baalsahitya Award 2015 – Balkrishna Garg (Veteran Poet)

6.     On Which date, Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD) is celeberated in India – 9th January (The Day marks the return of Mahatama Gandhi from South Africa in the year 1915 on January 9)

7.     Yadgar-E-Taqseem museum will be opened in which city of India – Amritsar

8.     Who has been awarded with the best actor award at 73rd edition of Golden Globe award held at Las Angles – Lionardo de Caprio

9.     Which Minister Inaugurated 43rd New Delhi World Book fair – Union Minister of HRD Smriti Zubin Irani

10.   Which Country’s Parliament Going to Adopt New Constitution – Sri Lanka

11.   Who has won Brisbane Tennis Trophy – Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis (Switzerland)

12.   Where did the International kite festival started recently - Ahmedabad

Daily GK Update- 12th January 2016

1.     Who has been conferred Central Banker of the year Award – Raghuram G. Rajan

2.     With whom did Rajasthan inked deal to provide clean drinking water – Cairn Enterprise Centre Society

3.     Who has been appointed as the new chairman of competition commission of India – Devender Kumar Sikri

4.     Name the traditional Bull-taming sports in tamilndu allowed by Union Government – Jallikattu

5.     Name the Indi-french military exercise started – Shakti – 2016

6.     Government decides to merge ministry of overseas Indian affairs with which Ministry – Ministry of External Affairs

7.     India’s first River Information system was launched by Union government – To facilitate safe and accurate Inland waterway navigation (It will also help in the enhancement of Inland navigation safety in ports and rivers)

8.     Union government approved AMRUT plan for which states for the year 2015-16 – Punjab and Uttarakhand (Punjab will Invest 720 crore rupees in 16 cities & Uttarakhand will invest 267 crore rupees in 6 cities.)

9.     India to grow how much percent in 2016 by World Bank report – 7.8%

10.   Siril Verma is related with which sport Badminton (Acc. To recently released BWF ranking, India Shuttler Siril Verma (16) has been renked world No. 1

11.   Who is the Author of the book ‘The country of first Boys’ – Amartya Sen

12.   Mufti Mohd. Saeed who died recently, was the founder of which party in J & K – Jammu and Kashmir people’s Democratic Party (JKPDP)

Banking Awareness Quiz- 9th January 2016

1.     Gift Tax is a tax which came under which type of tax – Direct tax

2.     Who is the Chairman of PFRDA (Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority) – Nemant G. Contractor

3.     Expand the term ‘AEPS’ – Aadhar Enabled Payment System

4.     Expand the term ‘EEZ’ – Exclusive Economic Zone

5.     Where is Federal Reserve System Headquartered – Washington D.C.

6.     Each Depositor in a bank is insured upto maximum of how much amount for both principal and interest amount – Rs. 1 Lakh

7.     Payment of Interest on saving bank accounts by scheduled commercial banks would be calculated on a – Daily product basis

8.     Expand the term ‘OLTAS’ – Online Tax Accounting System

9.     What is the most powerful tool used by the RBI to control inflation – Raise Interest Rate

10.   ‘Good People to Grow with’ is the tagline of which bank – Indian overseas bank

11.   ‘Barclays Bank’ has its operations in India. The bank is belongs to which country – United Kingdom

12.   Which Bank is the central Bank of China – The people’s Bank of China

Daily GK Update- 9th January 2016

1.     Who is the Author of the book titled – Jinnah often came to our house – Kiran Doshi

2.     Which tunnel is being built to provide all weather connectivity between Kashmir and Laddakh region – Zojila Tunnel (The 14 km. long Zojila Tunnel being built in J & K, will be the longest tunnel of South Asia)

3.     Which force will deploy women commandos in its anti – Naxal operations – CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force)

4.     Name the French Conductor and Composer who has passed away – Pierre Boulez

5.     Who has resigned as test Captain of South African cricket Team – Hashim Amla (New Captain – AB De Villiers)

6.     Which initiatives has been launched to expose youth from J & K to rest of India – Wattan Ko Jaano

7.     Union Government has approved on MOU with Singapore in which field – Civil Aviation

8.     Who has been elected as the General President of 105th Indian Science Congress – Achyuta Samanta

9.     Who has been appointed as the chairman of Internet and Mobile association of India – Kunal Shah

10.   Which U.S. State has declared state of Emergency in Los Angeles – California (By the governor Terry Brown)

11.   Who has been appointed as the Technical Advisor of Odisha Government – Sam Pitroda

12.      Which Union ministry has decided to implement the stricter emission norms of Bharat Stage IV – Union Government of Road, Transport and Highways

Banking Awareness Quiz- 8th January 2016

1.     Which Basel norms are to be followed by commercial banks for risk management – BASEL – II Norms

2.     ‘The name You can Bank upon’ is the tagline of which bank- Punjab National Bank

3.     Where is Indian Bank Headquartered – Chennai

4.     Standard chartered Banks has its operations in India, the Bank is belongs to which country – United Kingdom

5.     Expand the term ‘BCSBI’ – Banking codes and Standard Board of India

6.     The term in which money pools form various investers in order to purchase securities – Mutual Fund

7.     The fund which is dumped into a country to get the advantage of a favourable interest rate – Hot Money

8.     Export and import bank of India (EXIM) was estd. In which year – 1982

9.     The first Indian Bank to open a branch outside India in London in 1946 – Bank of India

10.   Basis Point is equal to how much percent – 0.01%

11.   What is SWIFT – Society for worldwide Interbank financial tele-communication (India was 74th nation to join SWIFT Network)

12.   What is NOSTRO Account – A NOSTRO Account is maintained by an Indian bank in the foreign countries

Daily GK Update- 8th January 2016

1.     Apoorvi Chandela is related with which sport – Shooting (She won gold medal in Swedish Grand Prix in 10 mt air pistol)

2.     Which Insurance company recently launched ‘Jeevan Labh Yojna’ – Life Insurance Corporation

3.     2015 Casta Novel Prize for a God in Ruins won by – Kate Atkinson

4.     How much percent representation of women in CAPFs – has been approved by the Union Government – 33%

5.     Who is the New chief of UNHCR (United Nations high commission for refugees) – Fillipo Grandi

6.     Name the power plant commissioned by BHEL in Telangana – 600 MW Kakatiya Thermal Power Pland

7.     Which book has topped 2015 US Bestseller list – Harper Lee’s go set a watchman

8.     Which bank recently launched IMPS in its all branches – Andhra Bank (Immediate Payment Service)

9.     Union Govt. recently launched which scheme in Uttar Pradesh – Ganga Gram yojna at village puth in Hapur Distt.

10.   Who was Mufti Mohd. Saeed passe waay recently – He was the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir

11.   Which famour personality became the New brand Ambassador of Atulya Bharat – Amitabh Bacchan (In place of Aamir Khan)

12.      Who was Labhshanker Thakur passed away recently – He was a Noted Gujrati writer

Banking Awareness Quiz- 7th January 2016

1.     Shikha Sharma is the MD and CEO of which Bank – Axis Bank

2.     IBRD (International bank for reconstruction and development) and IDA (International development association) are the part of which organization – World Bank

3.     SDR (special drawing rights) is a term used in which organisation – IMF (International Monetary fund)

4.     Expand the term ‘PPP’ – Purchasing Power Party

5.     What is the mathod to calculate per capita income of a country – National Income/Total Population

6.     The headquarters of Bandhan Bank is located at which city – Kolkata

7.     The bank that begins with ‘U’ is the tagline of which bank United Bank of India

8.     Deutsche Bank is functioning as a foreign bank in India is belongs to which country – Germany

9.     Which public sector bank in India has the highest number of branches in foreign countries – State Bank of India

10.   Bank of Rajasthan was merged with which bank in 2010 – ICICI Bank

11.   Expand the term ‘XBRL’ – Extensible Business Reporting Language

12.   Expand the term ‘BAFT’ – Bankers Association for Finance and Trade        

Daily GK Update- 7th January 2016

1.     Who has been awarded with the ‘person of the year’ by Israel – Vladimir Putin (President of Russia)

2.     Who was H.S. Kapadia, died recently – He was the former chief Justice of India

3.     Which Player scored 1009 not out in Inter school tournament and make history – Pranav Dhanvade

4.     Which cricket team take its name back from U-19 cricket World Cup which will be held in Bangladesh – Australia

5.     Bandipur National Park is situated in which state of India – Karnataka

6.     Which state government has launched the Janma – Bhoomi – Maa Vooru programme – Andhra Pradesh

7.     Raja Rani music festival is organised by which state government- Odisha

8.     Who is the newly appointed CMD of Bharat heavy electricals limited – Atual Sobti

9.     RBI has imposed a fine of one crore ruppes on which bank for vialation of some of its instructions – State bank of Travancare

10.   India has resumed friendship bus service with which country recently – NEPAL (after a gap of 27 years)

11.   Which team won the Lal Bahadur Shastri Hockey Tournament – ONGC beat Indian Railways by 3-0

12.      Who is the New CEO of Wipro – Abid Ali Neemuchwala

Banking Awareness Quiz- 6th January 2016

1.     ‘Central to you since 1911’ is the tagline of which commercial bank in India – Central Bank of India

2.     Where is bank of Maharashtra headquartered – Pune

3.     Where is small Industrial Devl. Bank of India (SIDBI) headquarterd - Lucknow

4.     ‘You focus on Exports, wer couer the risk’ is the tagline of which bank – ECGC (Export Credit Guarantee Corporation)

5.     The Headquarters of World Bank is located at which place- Washington D.C.

6.     Which is the apex body in India for housing finance Institution – National Housing Bank (HQ – New Delhi)

7.     Which committee is responsible for the estd of NABARD – B. Sivaraman committee

8.     Expand the Term ‘CRAFICARD’ which is related with NABARD – Committee to review the arrangement for Institutional credit for Agriculture and Rural Development

9.     Expand the term BIFR – Board for Industrial and financial reconstruction

10.   Who is Chanda Kocchar – She is the MD and CEO of ICICI Bank

11.   New Bank of India which was nationalised in 1980 was merged with which bank in 1993 – Punjab National Bank

12.      Centurion Bank of Punjab was merged with which bank – HDFC Bank

Daily GK Update- 6th January 2016

1.     National Bank for agriculture and Rural Development has signed a memorandum of understanding for – Monitoring of Watershed Projects.

2.     The Union Government is going to roll out LPG like direct benefit transfer in which product – Kerosene

3.     Which country has won the 2015 South Asian football federation (SAFF) cup – India defeated Afghanistan by 2-1

4.     On which day world Braille day is observed – 4th January to honour Louis Braille, the father of Braille language

5.     Which new missile has been test fired by Armament Research and development establishment in India – Pinaka II

6.     Justice RM Lodha committee was constituted to look into – IPL spot fixing

7.     CCL (Central coalfield limited) sports University will be set up in which state – Jharkhand

8.     Which Indian state has started e-Vahan Bima – Telangana (By launching this Telangana become the first state in country to formally recognize and accept electronic motor insurance policies)

9.     Which city is hosting the 103rd Indian science congress – Mysore. The theme of this year – Science and Technology for Indigenous development in India

10.   Which Airbase has been attacked by the terrorists recently – Pathankot Airbase (Indian Air Force)

11.   Which English cricketer has passed away recently – Matthew Hobden

12.   Ranthambhore National Park is situated in which state of India - Rajasthan

Banking Awareness Quiz- 5th January 2016

1.    Expand the term BIRD – Bankers Institute of Rural Development

2.    Expand the term TARC – Tax Administration Reform Commission

3.    Expand the term CAMELS – (C) Capital Adequacy (A)ssets (M)anagement Capability (E)arnings (L)iquidity (S)ensitivity

4.    Expand the term REITs – Real Estate Investment Trusts

5.    ‘Good People to Bank with’ is the tagline of which bank- Union Bank of India

6.    Where is the united bank of India Headquartered – Kolkata

7.    Where is the corporation bank headquartered- Mangalore

8.    State Bank of Indore was merged with state bank of India in which year – 2010

9.    When was Reserve Bank of India nationalised – 1.1.1949

10. Expand the term FINO – Financial Inclusion Network

11. Expand the term EFSF – European Financial Stability Facility

12. Expand the term SENSEX – Sensitive Index of stock

13. Expand the term NAV – Net Asset Value

Daily GK Update- 5th January 2016

1.     Which rivers will soon have India’s first underwater road tunnel- Krishna River in Andhra Pradesh

2.     Who has been recently honoured with a knighthood by the queen Elizabeth II – Dr. Harpal Singh Kumar (An Indian origin cancer research expert)

3.     Which cricket association has won the award for best overall performance by BCCI – Karnataka state cricket asso.

4.     The DAVA project belongs to which department – Union commerce ministry. (DAVA – The Drug authentication and verification application)

5.     Which famous personality became the badminton premier league 2016 brand ambassador – Akshay Kumar

6.     What is the name of the scheme which targets the education and skill training for minorities – Nayi Manzil

7.     India and Pakistan have recently exchanged the lists of – Nuclear Facilities

8.     Which committee will examine the wage structure of the Gramin Dak Sevaks – Kamlesh Chandra

9.     The 2016 Insight Mars Mission belongs to which agency NASA – The National Aeronautics and Space Administration

10.   Ian Murdock, who passed away recently, was the founder of which open source project – Debian GNU/Linux (TheGerman born American software engineer)

11.   What is the expansion of recently launched AEC – ASEAN Economic community

12.   Garumara National Park is situated in which state of India – West Bengal

Banking Awareness Quiz- 4th January 2016

1.    Consortium Advances refers to – Joint Financing by more than one bank

2.    Expand the Term OECD – organization for Economic Co-operation and development

3.    ‘A faithful and friendly financial partner’ is the tagline of which bank – Syndicate Bank

4.    Where is the Federal Reserve system (The USA Central bank) headquartered – New York

5.    Where is the headquarter of Asian Development Bank – Manilla (Philippines)

6.    What is the name of Australian Central Bank – Reserve Bank Australia (Governor – Glenn Stevens)

7.    Expand the term ‘QIB’ - Qualified Institutional Buyers

8.    Expand the term ‘CARE’ – Credit Analysis and research limited

9.    Expand the term ‘FSLRC’ – Financial secor legislatine reforms commission

10. Revelling credit is made available by the issuer in the case of – Credit Card

11. What is the best option to park money for a long period of time to earn a high rate of interest – Fixed Deposit A/c

12. Which card product launched by the banks is working on the principle of ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ – Credit Card

Daily GK Update- 4th January 2016

1.     Who has been awarded with the Poly Umrigar Award for the year 2015 – Virat Kohli

2.     Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy is related with which sport – Crocket

3.     Who is Arunima Sinha – She is a Mount climber (recently climted Argentina’s Mount Aconcagua (6962 Mt. High)

4.     Who was AB Bardhan died recently – A veteran CPI leader (CPI – Communist Party of India) (Ardhendu Bhushan Bardhan)

5.     Which scheme has been recently launched by Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalitha for farmers – ‘Amma Seed’ Youjan

6.     Who has been awarded with the 2015 Sangita Kalanidhi Award – Vocalist Sanjay Subramaniyam

7.     Name the Graminey winning singer who has passed away – Natalie Cole

8.     Name the committee formed by the Union Government to rebuild censor board – Shyam Benegal committee

9.     Union Govt to fund education of minorities has signed financing agreement with- World Bank

10.   Who has been selected for the Top women’s award in the BCCI annual honours – Mithali Raj

11.   ‘NAGI’ day celebrated by the Army on which day – 28th December. (Nagi is a small village where famous Battle of Nagi on 27-28 Dec 1971 was fought b/w India and Pakistan.

12.   Nanda Devi National Park is situated in which state of India- Uttarakhand

Banking Awareness Quiz- 2nd January 2016

1.    The first bank note issued by Independent India was the One Rupee note issued in which year- 1949

2.    Know your customer (KYC) has which two components- Identity and address

3.    Which system has replaced the erstwhile Benchmark Prime Lending rate- Base rate system

4.    The first Bank in India to be given an 150 certification is – CANARA Bank

5.    The first Indian Bank to have been started solely with Indian capital is- Punjab National Bank

6.    Expand the term CORE – Centralized Online Realtime Exchange

7.    VAT, stamp duty, state excise, land revenue and profession tax are levied by which govt. – State Govt.

8.    What are the dividends – These are the profits the company distributes to shareholders

9.    What is Bankruptcy – It’s a legal action in which a person is not able to repay his loans satisfactorily is declared bankrupt by a court order

10. Indian stock market has three mainstream stock exchanges, these are – BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), NSE (Natinal Stock Exchange) and MCX – SX (Multicommodity Stock Exchange)

11. Taxes on Income (except Income on Agriculture which levied by state govt.) custom duties, central excise and service tax are levied by- Central Govt.

12. Inflation in India is measured on- GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

Daily GK Update- 2nd January 2016

1.     Who has been selected for the 2015 BCCI cricketer of the year – VIRAT KOHLI

2.     Which Indian cricketer became the No. 1 bowler and allrounder in 2015 after 42 years of Indian cricket history – Ravichandran Ashwin

3.     What is the deadline selected by the reserve bank of India for bank branches in all villages having the population above 5000-2017

4.     LRSAM or Barak & missile was successfully test fired from – INS Kolkata

5.     Who was named as Tournament Director of 2016 Hockey India League – Bjorn Isberg

6.     RAS GAS is a famous gas company of which country- Qatar

7.     What is the full form of UAN which will be used for PPF transactions from 1 Jan 2016 – Universal Account Number

8.     Two environment friendly measures have been launched by railway minister Suresh Prabhu. They are – (1. 26 MW Wind Mill plant in Jaisalmer of head on generation system in Mumbai

9.     Union Cabinet has approved agreement with which two nations with respect to taxation recently – Maldives and Slovenia

10.   MOU has been signed between India and which nation for expanding cooperation in higher education – Canada

11.   Expand the term ATUFS – Amended Technology upgradation fund scheme

12.   CBSE has rolled out its latest mobile application for providing E-learning material. What is it called – e-CBSE

Banking Awareness Quiz- 1st January 2016

1.    Expand the term ‘CTS’ – Cheque Truncation System

2.    As declared by RBI recently the New RS 50 banknote will have – Inset Letter ‘R’

3.    What reason told by RBI governor recently for not issuing the high denomination currency above Rs 1000 bank note presently – Fear of Counterfeiting

4.    Which bank accredited by the green climate fund as an implementing entity for climate change related projects in India – NABARD

5.    Expand the term SWF – Sovereign Wealth Fund

6.    Forward Markets commission established in which year – 1953

7.    RBI declaved it has withdrawn the instruction of compensation to banks at how much percent of the national value of counterfeit notes detected – 25 Percent

8.    Expand the Term BBPS – Bharat Bill Payment System

9.    Expand the Term CVPS – Currency verification and Processing System

10. Expand the Term ANBC – Adjusted Net Bank Credit

11. Bank Holidays are covered under which Act – Negotiable Instrument Act

12. Small finance Banks must disburse how much percent of their total adjusted net bank credit to priority sector – 75%

Daily GK Update- 1st January 2016

1.     India recently successfully test fired which long range surface to Air Missile -  L R SAM

2.     India has approved construction of 69 bridgesin which country – Myanmar

3.     Russia has struck $ 1 Billion deal with HAL to manufacture which type of choppers – Kamov (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited)

4.     Govt. has unveiled National Biotechnology Development Strategy – 2015-2020

5.     Cabinet committee on Economic Affairs has approved up scaling of grid connected rooftop and small solar power plants programme to how much rupees - 5000 crore

6.     Which state has set educational qualification (10th) for Municipal Pools – Haryana

7.     Govt. has asked Ministries to discontinue interviews for Junior posts from _ January 1, 2016

8.     Which place will host a meeting of Pak, US, China official in January first week over Taliban Peace Talks – Kabul

9.     Since 1949 which two countries have launched a hotline after historic summit – Taiwan and China

10.   Indian railways has set up 26 MW Wind Mill in which state with aims at promoting non conventional energy in Railways – Rajasthan

11.   Which Indian cricketer announced retirement from all forms of cricket – Laxmi Rattan Shukla

12.   RBI released report on medium term path on financial inclusion under which committee – Deepak Mohanty committee